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About VIZ Designer

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VIZ Designer is a powerful tool to create your own smart home app for HomeKit devices. Design your app according to your wishes and needs: Define page layout, device commands and status visualizations and much more to create an individual look&feel You can choose between different design styles or import your own graphics. Its all up to you.

To design your own app for Homekit, you need the VIZ Designer app for your mobile device and the VIZ Designer software for your PC. In the VIZ Designer app you synchronize your Homekit devices and download your self-designed app to your mobile device. In the VIZ Designer software PC/MAC you put your app together from widgets, design your own layouts and pages and then transfer the finished app (remote) to your mobile device.

In 7 steps to your own, manufacturer-independent Smart Home App for HomeKit

The following points provide a quick overview of how to create your own app. Please check the corresponding chapters for more details.

  1. Install the VIZ Designer for HomeKit app and create a mediola account.
  2. Synchronise Homekit devices in the VIZ Designer app.
  3. Install the VIZ Designer software and log in with your mediola account.
  4. Select your iOS model.
  5. Design the remote with widgets (or completely free with buttons, text fields, sliders, etc.).
  6. Transfer the remote from the VIZ Designer software to the mobile device.
  7. Open the VIZ Designer for HomeKit app and load the created remote.

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